Neil the Erotic Hypnotist


I’m Neil the Erotic Hypnotist.  I do both erotic and therapeutic hypnosis. This website will tell you more about me, what I do, and how you can book a session with me.

So what is Erotic Hypnosis? There’s a more detailed explanation of what I do on the Sessions and FAQ pages, but here’s a short explanation of what it’s all about:

Erotic Hypnosis is regular hypnosis used in a sexual context. With hypnosis, you can be made to feel any sensation you’re able to imagine, and even make elaborate scenes feel totally real. It’s hot and totally safe.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s a brief explanation of the various pages on this site:

  • Home – This page
  • About Me – This is where you can learn about me (and yes, there’s also a picture)
  • Sessions – Here you can learn about the various type of sessions and scenes I do, as well as my rates
  • News/Blog – This will have my travel plans and updates; you can also see a summary of this information on the sidebar to the right
  • FAQ – A list of Frequently Asked Questions (with answers, of course)
  • Links – My online profiles and other relevant links (including mentions in the press); this page is a lot more interesting than it sounds
  • Contact – The most important page: how to contact me to ask questions and book a session

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